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Our Story Begins In The East

Asian food is very unique as opposed to other food preparations, most especially when pitted against those from Europe and from the West. However, certain cooking styles and food preparations share similar traits between Asian countries; a common example of which is the interrelatedness between Japanese and Chinese food. However, no matter how you look at it, there is a plethora of differences between the three.


Japanese food is usually light to the stomach. They are generally considered to be healthier than Chinese foods. It is because the latter makes use of too much grease in their food preparations along with the standard inclusion of carbohydrate foods rice and noodles. Nevertheless, Japanese food also includes some rice meals but perhaps not to the extent as of Chinese food.


When cooking, the Chinese prepare their food by using their traditional wok. This can fry food ingredients by turning the items constantly thus making the food evenly cooked either from the inside or from the outside. This is why Chinese are fond of pan frying their foods. Conversely, the Japanese typically use their flat pans called teppans to cook food items at high temperatures. It is like a grill table which allows the crisp cooking of the outside layer of the food while retaining the raw or juicy texture of the inside portion of the food being cooked.

Korean food attains a harmany in taste, color, fragrance and temperature. All the food prepared for a meal is set upon one table. Heated foods are brought out in the middle of the meal, and the after-dinner drinks are brought out towards the end of the meal. Korean food is known for its great variety of side dishes.


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